Why 4B Meats Wagyu?

Why Wagyu from 4B Meats?

Studies have shown that all-natural, grain-fed, Black Wagyu beef composition is quite different than that of commercial American beef alone, producing meat that is healthier for consumers. Because Wagyu cattle free of growth hormones are fed for a longer period of time than commercial cattle, the fat is higher in monounsaturated fat leading to higher levels of oleic acid, omega-6, omega-3, and other essential fatty acids, thus eating Wagyu regularly may actually reduce the effects of some cardiovascular health issues such as high cholesterol.

Furthermore, Wagyu meat is known for its tenderness, making it palatable to consumers of all ages, including those who have sensitive teeth. Wagyu cattle are fed much longer than commercial cattle, allowing the marbling to become dispersed between the muscle fibers resulting in a product that melts in the mouth and has a distinct, yet enjoyable, flavor.  What's more, the unique blend of ingredients fed by Morris Stock Farm leads to a richer taste in comparison to other feeding programs.

Beef offered by 4B Meats is considered F1 Wagyu, which means all beef is 50% full-blood, registered Black Wagyu crossed with a breed commonly found in America such as Angus.  This allows our customers to enjoy beef that is more nutritious than commercial beef. 4B Meats Wagyu beef is not quite as rich as full-blood Wagyu so our customers can enjoy the benefits of Wagyu at every meal.

Why Dry-Aged?

They say wine gets better with age. Well so does beef.  4B Meats Wagyu beef is normally dry-aged for at least 21 days which promotes connective tissue and muscle fiber breakdown resulting in a more tender cut of beef.  The flavor is more robust due to the natural changes in enzymes and bacteria and oxidation of the fat. The end result is a product that is not your everyday run of the meal beef experience.

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