Who We Are

img34B Meats was a small idea that marinated for years in Dustin's mind until it was formally founded in the Spring of 2018, just about the time the third calf crop was hitting the ground. The idea of bringing a high quality, healthy, and all-natural culinary special to every kind of people was the seed fueled by the support of family and friends and quite a little faith. In this very short time, 4B Meats has served up F1 Wagyu steaks, burgers, and other cuts at home and out and about to hundreds of people. As a customer, you can count on the highest customer service with a personal touch, and if you swing by at dinner time, you'll be asked to pull up a chair to join the family, because 4B Meats' foundation is family.

Dustin and Brittany Borden, along with their two sons, Eastin and Briggs, run 4B Meats as a downstream business which complements their small Angus cow herd using Wagyu bulls to produce F1 Wagyu, similar to Kobe beef found in Japan. From the every day checking of the cattle, feed, and water, to weaning and working calves, as well as unloading and breaking down the boxes of beef, the Bordens do it all together as a family. They are often joined by Brittany's parents, Joe and Nancy Morris, and receive various kinds of administrative and marketing assistance from sister, Brandy and her two children, as well as an aunt, Sherry. Family is more than a word. It's the catalyst that makes success possible and meaningful.

Located 20 miles between Sunray and Gruver, 4B Meats is headquartered at Morris Stock Farm, one of the most successful and highly sought after feedyards in the industry specializing in feeding all natural diets to F1 Wagyu cattle. Increasingly so, Wagyu meat offered by 4B Meats has been bred, born, fed and harvested all within a 35 mile radius from the feedyard, as such, 4B Meats directly supports the communities of Dumas, Gruver, Spearman, Stratford, Borger, Sunray and Amarillo by buying all supplies and services locally as often as possible. In certain situations or seasons, we may lean on partners in the industry to fill special orders.

The Bordens welcome you to 4B Meats. We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on or feel free to head on out to join us for dinner. We always have enough for one more.