Our Partners

Morris Stock Farm, Gruver, TX

Experience, expertise, and ingredients surpassed by none.  Morris Stock Farm is the sole feeder of all dry-aged 4B Meats' Wagyu beef.  The unique all-natural diet enhances the flavor of the marbling leaving you completely satisfied with the richness in taste that can only be found at Morris Stock Farm.

Certifications Held:
All Natural Certified
IMI Global Certified
USDA Process Verified Program
Beef Quality Assurance - in progress

Brown's Meat Locker, Stratford, TX

Locally owned and family operated, Brown's Meat Locker focuses on quality and customer service. Beef harvested at Brown's Meat Locker is dry-aged 21 days to enhance the flavor and soften the texture of the meat. Special attention is paid at harvest to ensure that every piece of meat 4B Meats sells grades is USDA Prime unless otherwise stated and discounted. Our friends at Brown's Meat Locker play an integral role in delivering quality Wagyu meat to your table.

Fatman's Beef Jerky, Hagerman, NM

Rick and Ellen Robey own and operate Fatman's Beef Jerky out of Hagerman, NM. Not only is the customer service and attention to details and quality key to Fatman's success, the premium ingredients are second to none. Coupled with the fantastic quality of 4B Meats' Wagyu beef, this jerky will blow your socks off. Moist, flavorful, and filling. Once you try it, you will never eat convenience store jerky again (or at least not while enjoying it)! USDA inspected and ran with excellence, we're proud to call Fatman's Jerky a partner.